SMC Pneumatic Control Systems

Actuators/ Air Line & SMC Pneumatics distributors in Mumbai

Pneumatic control systems make use of compressed gas and air which, were previously stored in high-pressure tanks. Due to the abundance of air in the atmosphere, the supply is irreplenishable. Furthermore, air or gas is easy to store and utilize in different industrial and domestic applications. The SMC Pneumatic Control Systems are made with superior quality material, which enables them to be used in different environments. These systems are easy to operate and have a long service life. The parts of this system include actuators, directional control valves, airline, piping equipment, instrumentation devices, vacuum, pneumatic training courses, and panel buildings. We are the leading SMC Pneumatics distributors in Mumbai. Our goal is to provide high-quality products through all our distribution centers within the country at the most reasonable rates.

SMC Pneumatic Control Systems

SMC Pneumatic Control Systems

Actuators/ Air Line

Actuators/ Air Line

SMC Pneumatics

SMC Pneumatics

The SMC Pneumatics is an economical and safe option for operating in different systems. The products from this grade have increased energy efficiency with advanced monitoring and integration systems embedded within them. These pneumatics require less maintenance compared to standard electromotive components. They belong to a category of top pneumatic systems, which offer all the services at the press of a button. We are amongst a few SMC Pneumatics distributors in India who offer our customers a wide range of options. Within these options is a perfect match for their requirements. If you want to learn more about our products or want to get the best deal on our products, feel free to get in touch with us.

Directional Control Valves

  • Solenoid Valves 5 & 3 ports
  • Multi Regulator Valves
  • Serial transmission valves
  • Mechanical & Hand valves
  • Air operated valves
  • Silencers & Exhaust Cleaners


  • Speciality Cylinders
  • Shock Absorbers & Floating Joints
  • Cylinders with Lock
  • Switches
  • Rotary Actuators
  • Air Grippers

Air Line

  • Pressure control equipment
  • Water Separator
  • Oil Mist Separators
  • Pressure gauges
  • Air Dryers
  • Odour Removal Filter
  • Lubrication equipment

Piping Equipment

  • Fittings
  • Flow control equipment
  • Tubing


  • Sensors & Switches
  • Thermo-Chiller
  • Ionizers
  • Process pump
  • Positioners


  • Vacuum ejectors
  • Drain Separator
  • Air suction filter
  • Vacuum pads
  • Vacuum regulator
  • Vacuum Valves
  • Free mount Cylinder

Pnuematic Training

  • Basic pneumatics
  • Mechatronics Course
  • Electro-Pneumatic Course
  • Basic Hydraulic Course
  • Customised training course
  • Electro-hydraulic Course

Panel Building

  • Circuit design software
  • IP rating to client specification.
  • Complete build to customers’ requirements